Why pray the Rosary every day for a year?

Each time the Blessed Virgin has appeared-- whether it be to Saint Bernadette Soubirous at Lourdes; to Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco at Fatima; or to Mariette Beco at Banneux-- she has asserted the importance, saving grace, and power of praying the Holy Rosary on a daily basis. Based upon her words, the Rosary is penance and conversion for sinners, a pathway to peace, an end to war, and a powerful act of faith in Jesus Christ. Pope Paul VI presented the Rosary as a powerful means to reach Christ "not merely with Mary but indeed, insofar as this is possible to us, in the same way as Mary, who is certainly the one who thought about Him more than anyone else has ever done."

To show us how this is done, perhaps no one has been more eloquent than the great Cardinal Newman, who wrote: "The great power of the Rosary consists in the fact that it translates the Creed into Prayer. Of course, the Creed is already in a certain sense a prayer and a great act of homage towards God, but the Rosary brings us to meditate again on the great truth of His life and death, and brings this truth close to our hearts. Even Christians, although they know God, usually fear rather than love Him. The strength of the Rosary lies in the particular manner in which it considers these mysteries, since all our thinking about Christ is intertwined with the thought of His Mother, in the relations between Mother and Son; the Holy Family is presented to us, the home in which God lived His infinite love."

As Mary said at Fatima, "Jesus wants to use you to make Me known and loved. He wishes to establish the devotion to My Immaculate Heart throughout the world. I promise salvation to whoever embraces it; these souls will be dear to God, like flowers put by Me to adorn his throne."

The Fifteen Prayers of Saint Bridget

Posted by Jacob

Saint Bridget of Sweden, was a mystic and saint, founder of the Bridgettine Order. From an early age, Saint Bridget was drawn to prayer and contemplation of Our Lord’s Passion, and was rewarded with a series of visions of Jesus. During one vision, Christ graced her with the following holy revelation: “I received 5475 blows upon My Body. If you wish to honor them in some way, recite fifteen Our Fathers and fifteen Hail Marys with the following Prayers, which I Myself shall teach you, for an entire year. When the year is finished, you will have honored each of My Wounds.”

Each of the fifteen prayers is begun by praying the Our Father and the Hail Mary, followed by the dictated text below.

1st Prayer

O Jesus Christ! Eternal sweetness to those who love Thee, joy surpassing all joy and all desire, salvation and hope of all sinners; Thou Who hast proved that Thou hast no greater desire than to be amongst men even assuming human nature during the course of time for the love of men, recall all the sufferings that Thou hast endured from the first moment of Thy Conception, and especially during Thy Passion, as it was decreed and ordained from all eternity in Thy Divine Plan.

Remember, O Lord, that during the Last Supper with Thy Disciples, having washed their feet, Thou gavest them Thy Precious Body and Blood, and while at the same time Thou didst sweetly console them, Thou didst foretell them of Thy coming Passion.

Remember the sadness and bitterness which Thou didst experience in Thy Soul as Thou prayed: “My Soul is sorrowful even unto death.”

Remember all the fear, anguish and pain that Thou didst suffer in Thy delicate Body before the Crucifixion, when after having prayed three separate times, bathed in a ‘sweat of blood,’ Thou wast betrayed by Judas, Thy Disciple, arrested by the people of a nation Thou hadst chosen and elevated, accused by false witnesses, unjustly judged by three judges, all this in the flower of Thy youth and during the Solemn Paschal Season.

Remember that Thou wast despoiled of Thy garments and clothed with the garments of derision; that Thy face and eyes were veiled, that Thou wast buffeted, crowned with thorns, a scepter placed in Thy hands, that Thou wast fastened to a column and crushed with blows and overwhelmed with affronts and outrages.

In memory of all these pains and sufferings which Thou didst endure before Thy Passion on the Cross, grant that before I die, I may with true contrition make a sincere and entire Confession, make worthy satisfaction and be granted the remission of all my sins. Amen.

2nd Prayer

O Jesus! True liberty of Angels, paradise of delights, remember the horror and sadness which Thou didst endure when Thy enemies, like furious lions, surrounded Thee, and by thousands of blows, insults, lacerations, and other unheard of cruelties, tormented Thee at will.

Through these torments and insulting words, I beg of Thee, O My Saviour to deliver me from all enemies, both visible and invisible, that under Thy protection, I may attain the perfection of Eternal Salvation. Amen.

3rd Prayer

O Jesus! Creator of heaven and earth, Whom nothing can encompass nor limit, Thou Who dost enfold and hold all under Thy loving power, remember the very bitter pain which Thou didst suffer when blow by blow and with hatred the Jews nailed Thy Sacred Hands and Feet to the Cross, with big blunt nails; and, not finding Thee in a pitiable enough state to satisfy their rage, they enlarged Thy wounds, and added pain to pain, and with indescribable cruelty stretched Thy Body on the Cross, and dislocated Thy Bones by pulling them on all sides.

I beg of Thee, O Jesus, by the memory of this most Holy and most loving suffering of the Cross, to grant me the grace to fear Thee and Love Thee. Amen.

4th Prayer

O Jesus! Heavenly Physician raised aloft on the Cross in order that through Thy Wounds, ours might be healed; remember the bruises which Thou didst suffer and the weakness of all Thy Members which were stretched to such a degree that never was there pain like unto Thine, from the Crown of Thy Head to the Soles of Thy Feet there was not one spot of Thy Body that was not in torment; and yet, forgetting all Thy Sufferings, Thou didst not cease to pray to Thy Heavenly Father for Thy enemies, saying: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Through this great mercy, and in memory of this suffering, grant that the remembrance of Thy Most Bitter Passion may effect in us a perfect contrition and the remission of all our sins. Amen.

Fifth Prayer
O Jesus! Mirror of Eternal Splendor, remember the sadness which Thou experienced, when, contemplating in the light of Thy Divinity the predestination of those who would be saved by the merits of Thy Sacred Passion, Thou didst see at the same time the great multitude of reprobates who would be damned for their sins, and Thou didst complain bitterly of those hopeless, lost and unfortunate sinners.

Through this abyss of compassion and pity, and especially through the goodness which Thou displayed to the good thief when Thou saidst to him: “This day thou shalt be with me in paradise.” I beg of Thee, O Sweet Jesus, that at the hour of my death Thou wilt show me mercy. Amen.

6th Prayer

O Jesus! King most loving and most desirable, remember the grief which Thou didst suffer, when naked and like a common criminal, Thou wast raised and fastened to the Cross, when all Thy relatives and friends abandoned Thee, except Thy Beloved Mother who remained close to Thee during Thy Agony and whom Thou didst entrust to Thy faithful disciple when Thou saidst to Mary: “Woman, behold thy son,” and to John:”Behold Thy Mother.”

I beg of Thee, O my Saviour, by the sword of sorrow which pierced the soul of Thy Holy Mother, to have compassion on me in all my afflictions and tribulations, both corporal and spiritual, and to assist me in all my trials and especially at the hour of my death. Amen.

7th Prayer

O Jesus! Inexhaustible Fountain of Compassion Who by a profound gesture of love, said from the Cross: “I thirst!” Suffered from the thirst for the salvation of the human race, I beg of Thee, O my Saviour, to inflame in our hearts the desire to tend toward perfection in all of our acts; and to extinguish in us the lust of the flesh and the ardor of worldly desires. Amen.

8th Prayer

O Jesus! Sweetness of hearts, delight of the spirit, by the bitterness of the gall and the vinegar which Thou didst taste on the Cross for love of us, grant us the grace to receive worthily Thy Precious Body and Blood during our life and at the hour of our death, that it may serve us as a remedy of consolation for our souls. Amen.

9th Prayer

O Jesus! Royal virtue and mental delight, recall the anguish and pain which Thou didst endure, when, from the bitterness of agonizing death and the insults of the outrageous Jews, Thou didst exclaim in a loud voice as if Thou wast forsaken by the Father saying: “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

Through this anguish, I beg of Thee, O my Saviour, not to abandon me during the anguish and pains of my death. Amen.

10th Prayer

O Jesus! Thou Who art the beginning and the end of all things, life and virtue, remember that for our sakes Thou wast plunged into an abyss of suffering from the Soles of Thy Feet to the Crown of Thy Head. In consideration of the enormity of Thy Wounds, teach me to keep, through pure Love, Thy Commandments which are the pathways for those who truly love Thee. Amen.

11th Prayer

O Jesus! Deep abyss of mercy, I beg of Thee, in memory of Thy Wounds which penetrated to the very marrow of Thy Bones and to the depth of Thy Being, to draw me, a miserable sinner, overwhelmed by my offenses, away from sin and to hide me from Thy Face, justly irritated against me, hide me in Thy Wounds, until Thy anger and indignation shall have passed away. Amen.

12th Prayer

O Jesus! Thou Who art the Truth, Symbol of Unity, Link of Charity, remember the multitude of wounds with which Thou wast afflicted from head to foot, torn and reddened by the spilling of Thy Adorable Blood. O Great and Universal Pain, which Thou didst suffer in Thy Virginal Flesh for love of us! Sweetest Jesus! What is there that Thou couldst have done for us which Thou hast not done!

May the Fruit of Thy Suffering be renewed in my soul by the faithful remembrance of Thy Passion, and may Thy Love increase in my heart each day, until I see Thee in Eternity; Thou Who art the treasure of every real good and every joy, which I beg Thee to grant me, O Sweetest Jesus, in Heaven. Amen.

13th Prayer

O Jesus! Strong Lion, Immortal and Invincible King, remember the pain which Thou didst endure when all Thy strength, moral and physical, was entirely exhausted, Thou didst bow Thy head saying: “All is Consummated!”

Through this anguish and grief, I beg of Thee, O Lord, to have mercy on me at the hour of my death, when my mind will be greatly troubled and my soul will be in anguish. Amen.

14th Prayer

O Jesus! Only-begotten Son of the Father, Splendor and Figure of His Substance, remember the simple and humble recommendation Thou didst make of Thy Soul to the Eternal Father, saying: “Father, into Thy Hands I commend My Spirit;” and when Thy Body, all torn, and Thy Heart, broken, and the Bowels of Thy Mercy open to redeem us, Thou didst expire.

Through this Precious Death, I beg Thee, O King of Saints, to comfort me and give me help to resist the devil, the flesh, and the world so that, being dead to the world, I may live for Thee alone. I beg of Thee at the hour of my death to receive me, a pilgrim and an exile, returning to Thee. Amen.

15th Prayer

O Jesus! True and Fruitful Vine! Remember the abundant outpouring of blood which Thou didst so generously shed, pressed down and running over as the grape crushed in the wine press.

From Thy Side, pierced with the lance by a soldier, Blood and Water issued forth until there was not left in Thy Body a single drop, and finally, like a Bundle of Myrrh lifted to the very top of the Cross, Thy Delicate Flesh was destroyed, the Very Substance of Thy Body withered, and the Marrow of Thy Bones dried up.

Through this bitter Passion and through the outpouring of Thy Precious Blood, I beg of Thee, O Sweet Jesus, to pierce my heart, so that my tears of penitence and love may be my bread night and day. May I be converted entirely to Thee, may my heart be Thy Perpetual Resting Place, may my conversation be pleasing to Thee, and may the end of my life be so praiseworthy that I may merit Heaven, and there, with Thy Saints, praise Thee forever and ever. Amen.


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